Quin Shakra and my feline friend Ivan. Seed production for The Plant Good Seed Company in Ojai, California. I focus on Southern California native / hardy mint family perennial plants (think squirrel tolerant agriculture). I am currently working with:

  • Apricot / Desert Globemallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua)
  • Agastache genus plants: Sunset Hyssop (Agastache rupestris), Korean Licorice Mint (Agastache rugosa), Apricot Sprite / Hummingbird Mint (Agastache aurantiaca)
  • True Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)
  • Various Sage species: Cleveland Sage (Salvia clevelandii), Black Sage (Salvia mellifera), Hummingbird Sage (Salvia spathacea), Purple Sage (Salvia leucophylla), White Sage (Salvia apiana).
  • Mexican Elderberry (Sambucus nigra ssp. Caerulea)
  • California Mugwort (Artemisia douglasiana)
  • Catnip (Nepeta cataria)
  • Catmint (Nepeta racemosa / Nepeta nepetella)
  • Wild Dagga (Leonotis leonurus)
  • Western Vervain (Verbena lasiostachys)
  • Bronze Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)
  • Sylvestris / Woodland Tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris)
  • Hyacinth Bean (Lablab purpureus)
  • Various mallow species

Adding more seed crops to the cache whenever possible. Seeds are certified organic by Organic Certifiers. Certificate number 21-0575.


“The world and its surroundings” – Cornell Feline Health Center donor profile
“Sow Good Seed” Ojai Magazine profile, January 2021
Riverside Onion Seed Production in Southern California” by me

Tending Seeds: Adventures in Gardening, Homesteading, and Herbalism podcast, with Sara Schuster, Episode 35

With Goda Trakumaite, co-author of the Adventures in Seed Saving comic book series. Issue #1: Squash and #2: Tomato are both available on the Plant Good Seed web site.

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